Sunday, August 31, 2008

Not Allowed

I really think that when we become mothers, that we are no longer allowed to be sick or have sick days. And if we do? It's something major. Like..need surgery major. There is no way we can be down for any period of time. The reason why I think this is as follows:

Both of the boys had a 72 hour fever virus. Basically, all they had was a fever. Nothing else. S took it in stride. He just cuddled and slept alot. A on the other hand. OMG. I wanted to shoot my foot off. He cried, he screeched, he wailed he had major breakdowns. Ack! You could definately tell he's my "baby". J has also been battling a sinus thing for a week. We forgot to pick up his meds, so hopefully he'll do that tomorrow. And thru all this? Me? Not the least bit sick. No hint of anything coming my way, no sniffles, no fever. Nada. Zip. Zilch. All I can say is WHEW Thank Goodness! I don't have time to be sick.

J's grandpa died on Sunday. Everyone had been gathered for a couple days, hospice has been working with him for a while (he did have prostate cancer, but survived that, he died of old age). Anyhow, everyone had just laid down to rest, and his wife got in bed beside him and when all was quite and still, he died. Now I'm waiting to see if he wants to head over to Alabama, or stay here and remember him as he knew him and how great he looked when we left over there in June. I can't blame him for wanting to not go.


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