Monday, September 15, 2008

Drugs are bad, MmmmKay?

I say that, totally tounge in cheek. Kinda. I went to the doc on Friday, my lower left side of my back has been hurting since that Monday and I had finally had enough. I've had two C-sections, so I can take me some pain, no doubt about it. But that pain was too much. Of course, I did the pee in the cup thing, and it brought back good results. I have some red blood cells in my urine, but so does everyone else, and it's not that concerning. If the doc pressed on my side, it hurt, alot. If he took his finger and ran it down my side, it hurt. I had him really confused.

The doc said it could be the result of a few things.

  1. A small kidney infection
  2. Kidney stones (not likey with the symptoms I was presenting)
  3. Oncoming case of shingles (what?? told me to watch for rash, no rash yet)
  4. Some kind of weird pain stemming from my 3 buldging disks I've had for almost 8 years.

So he gave me a shot of steriods, a shot of toradol and sent me along with some meds to get. I got more steriods in pill form, and a muscle realxer and he added some lortab in there. I told him I didn't like to take things that knocked me out for the safety of my boys. I'm the only competent adult in the house at night while J is working 3rd shift, and then during the day, J is asleep and again, I am left with the boys. Taking anything more than Tylenol is just asking for trouble. I would feel like a failure if I took something that knocked me out and one of them got hurt, I could not live with myself if that ever happened. But, I do let myself take a Lortab at night, after the boys are in bed and I'm sure everyone is going to be safe and sound. Yes, I still check on my boys at night to make sure they are breathing and everything is ok. It's something I have no doubt that I will always do. Onto better things....

J's sister is getting married in a mere month! They have decided to have it here and I think it's a great idea. The leaves are changing and the colors are beautiful. She will be dying her wedding dress a rust color and her colors will match the outside colors of fall. We have a lot of outside grounds cleaning to do and things like, which should be fun, because now there aren't many mosquitos out or jellow jackets humming on the ground and the boys can go out and play while we putter around. Also, she wants me to make the cake and we will all do our own food, and she wants me to take pictures. I wish I had a better camera. I want a Canon Rebel so badly. But I will have to do the best I can with my Sony Digital.

Whooo..a Lortab later and I'm getting all loopy-fied. Off to bed for me!


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