Friday, August 15, 2008

The Willies

I knew there was one thing I disliked about Georgia. I got reminded of that one thing, for the second time, tonight.

Scorpions. Not too long ago, I found one, disposed of it (didn't kill it) and didn't have a problem sleeping in bed the same night. But tonight, I found another one, and can't seem to make myself crawl in bed. No idea why. I got the willies, I guess. So the rest of my night will be spent sleeping on the couch. It isn't so bad, I loved the couch when I was pregnant with S and with A.

So here is what I found out about scorpions in Georgia:
"At least two species, are native to Georgia: The Southern Devil (Vejovis carolinianus) and Striped (Centruroides vittatus) Scorpions. The former can grow to 1.5 inches long, while the latter can get a bit bigger. These scorpions aren't considered life-threatening, although some people may have reactions such as swelling and fever. People who have allergic reactions to bee stings may be more likely than others to have the same reactions with scorpion stings."

And that's just not cool in my book. No wonder I shake everything out before I tuck the kids in bed, and here I just thought it was an OCD thing.

The Southern Devil (my bed visitors were both these ones)

And the Striped Scorpion:
Ack! Now I've given myself the willies again!


  1. Manda said...
    hello, i was doing a search on scorpions and it took me to your blog! LOL..i too feel the willies today as i just spotted my first one. we moved to north georgia a few months ago-i wont sleep for WEEKS now. ive been reading up and have my shopping list ready for getting spray foam and sticky mouse traps! my house may be completely tented by tomorrow..haha!
    Robyn said...
    Hi Manda! They are really not that bad, I've seen 3 now, and an already dead one. But I do shake out our bed and my kids' beds before we go to sleep! LOL!

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