Saturday, April 19, 2008

Not Impressed

I'm an animal lover. Before kids, I used to give money to the World Wildlife Fund, the local humane society, or just about anything to do with animals. I hate puppy mills, and pet stores (a large part of pet stores get their puppies from a puppy mills). I love watching Animal Planet, all the different shows are great, and really informative. Even some of the hard to watch show, like Animal Precinct, are good to watch. I like seeing some of the great outcomes of animals who were formally abused getting into good homes and living a great life. I've recently been watching Escape to Chimp Eden. Good show. Great guy. Doing wonders for Chimps living a bad life, trying to rehabilitate them to live in the wild. You can tell he loves his job and really cares about the Chimps.

But tonight's show (Friday), left me in a little bit of a tizzy. The guy's wife, is pregnant. Is having complications, will more than likely have to deliver their baby prematurely (I think she was 7 months along). He opts to stay with the monkeys to make sure "they live".
Excuse me? You are choosing monkeys over your wife and baby? Please tell me I heard him wrong.
I know that his wife probably KNEW coming into the marriage that he was passionate about his cause, that there would be long nights and days on end without seeing him. Lots of things he would have to put first.
But your wife, and soon to be born too early baby? Those are not things to be shoved to the end of the line.
I guess it just hit a nerve with me because of my little 25 weeker. I remember how scared I was when J had to drive back home, an hour away, to go back to work. I remember crying on the phone with him, but trying to hide it so he wouldn't lose his job because I knew that if he heard me cry, he'd be back with me in a second. I couldn't imagine my husband not being by my side.

And that, Mr. Chimpsaver, is what you put first and foremost.

Maybe I'm being too rough on the dude, but seriously? It pissed me off. So yeah.

My butt should be in bed..Samuel's party is tomorrow and I need to get up early to finish cleaning the living room and kitchen. Then on Sunday, we are going to the Zoo. We are meeting up with a lady on a message board I frequent, and I can't wait! Samuel really loves animals, and he's never been to the zoo, so I'm really excited for him!

Of course, there will be pictures taken. I can't believe my little boy is going to be 3!! No. Way! Oh
well, off to sleep I go!

Samuel, Birth, April 2005:

Samuel April 2008:


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