Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Kids, My Life

A topic was recently brought up on a message board I sometimes read. "How much is a child's life worth". My mom reads the same message board, only she actually frequents it and responds to people. I'm just one of those creepy lurker type people. Anyhow..she asked me that same question and I said "My child's life is worth my life if it meant saving my child's life". I didn't even hesitate. I'm 100% sure that I would die for my children. Anyhooch, onto better topics....

S's birthday is the 26th, but since J has to work that weekend so we are having this weekend. We decided to have a hot dog party. Just a bunch of hot dogs, with all different toppings, chips, drinks, cake and ice cream. I was going to make him a cake like Aunt Steph did for A, but I am just running out of time. So I ordered S a Spiderman cake. I cannot believe my little boy knows who Spiderman is. WHEN did that happen exactly?! Pretty soon, it will be his first day of school, and I'll be standing at the bus stop, tears streaming down my face, hyperventilating because he's going away from me. ACK..I cannot think of that right now. No. No. No.

The move to Georgia is up in the air. On one hand, we want to move this summer, when, realistically, next year would be better. We'll see how impatient my hubby gets.

S and me, December 2005:

A and me, March 2007 (gotta love that pre-e swollen look! not to mention the morphine, mag sulfate and benedryl stooper I'm in!)


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