Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sometimes It's Hard

I need to update and continue on with this blog. I had meant to use this blog as a release of some pent up anger and sadness I have over S's birth. It's becoming quite evident that it is definately emotionally draining, even after almost 3 years. Sometimes I want to remember, because, seriously..who could forget? But then there are other times I want to force it to the very dark recesses of my mind and never go there again. I also started this blog to help other preemie parents (new or grads or those who have lost) and also to update of my daily life. I'm slacking on my LiveJournal Blog as well, so I don't feel *all* that bad. The holidays are proving to be difficult this year. With so many losses from J's side and my side of our families, it's sometimes difficult to remember that this is a time to be happy.

So I will work on more of S's story here soon. I doubt I will remember every single day that he was in the hospital, so it will probably be a short story!


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