Friday, December 21, 2007

Being a better blogger.

My New Years resolution is to keep both journals going. Ha...I say. Livejoural is dedicated to mostly friends who know me, know what I've been thru and know what I'm talking about without going "WTF is she talking about?". This one is a little more open. I think. I hope. Until someone pisses me off like they did over at Livejournal, then all bets are off.

So anyhow..I thought I'd show off my kiddos a little. I entered A in the Kelly and Regis' Beautiful Baby Contest..I know he really doesn't have a shot because there's a asscrapload of kids going to be entered, but it's all in fun. I've decided that I'll never get my kids to sit together willingly. So until our portrait session at olan mills, I took them seperate this time. At home. Where they were safe to scream and have a fit when I turned the camera on them. Actually, that's a lie, they both like getting their pictures taken. Just not together. Yet.


  1. That Chick Over There said...
    Your kids are gorgeous!

    Thanks for volunteering to whore your loot with me on the 27th! Do you want me to link to this blog or your live journal?
    Robyn said...
    Thanks for the compliment on my kiddos..and here I just thought I was being I have proof others think they are cute as well!

    A link to this blog is fine..I need to start blogging more anyhow!

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