Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Christmas was good. J's cousin had her baby on the 21st, so we all got to ohh and ahhh over her. She was much littler than A when he was born. She was full term and weighed in at 6lbs 2oz, perfectly healthy and A was 36weeks and weighed in at 6lbs5oz. Her poor mommy is majorly sore. She went from thinking she would deliver naturally on that Monday to finding out Tuesday that she was going to have a C-section Friday due to a restricted pelvis. Her mommy has been running around too much due to the holiday's, so she's weak and in pain and pale. I told her to get home soon and do nothing but rest rest rest.

I thought that holding another baby would make me want to have another one, especially a girl. But, I stand firm in my decision to have my tubes tied and holding her just re-affirmed my decision. Even though she is beautiful, it is just not safe for me to be pregnant ever again.

Anyhow..the boys got too much, as usual. J spoiled me. Not too badly tho. We only get four gifts for each other. I will be whoring my loot with this very funny woman at: Go check her out..she's a flipping riot!! More to come on that topic.
A is now on whole milk, and refuses baby foods and only wants what we eat. Can't say I blame him much, baby food looks (and tastes..don't ask) nasy.

For now, I have to sleep, so here is a pic or two from Christmas Day 2007. Enjoy!


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