Thursday, December 27, 2007

Whorin' The Loot

First of all, the kidlets. They got too much. I can't, for the life of me, understand why we get them so much. Especially since I know that I'M the one that will be cleaning the majority of it up. One of these days, I just might learn. But probably not.
First up, my baby, A. This is his very first gift on his first Christmas. How stinkin' cute is he?
Then for some reason or another, Daddy thought it would be awesome for A to sit on one of his gifts and unwrap more gifts. I got to admit that Daddy sometimes has good ideas. A didn't even fall. Bonus!

Then there's S. He was totally into the gifts this year. He never once looked up for just a second so that I could take a decent picture.

But that's ok, because I improvised and put a bow on his head. That's what he gets.

This cat, is a nut. He always has to be in the action and all up in our business. So he got a bow to. Only? He didn't mind it and left it on for like....ever. Weird cat.

My husband is a really good shopper. I mean..really good! Better than me. He loves to hunt for deals and spends way less than I did for the same amount as I got. He's just awesome like that. So he proceeded to tell me about how he searched for freekin' ever to find the shirt that matches the PJ bottoms he just had to get me.

You know how a drunk goes on and on and on about a story they are telling? Well that's what my husband did. He sounded like a drunk going on and on and on. He told that story to everyone he came in contact with.

So here are the infamous PJ's. I really like them, they are very comfy!

Then these PJ's cuz they are cute and very comfy too!

My husband and I always get each other the necessities. Every year. So here are my underthings. Feast your eyes on THOSE pretty colored panties. Jealous aren't ya?

I must stink lots for him to get me all these nice perfumey stuff! But it does smell good and I like it lots. Plus, I love the color purple, so it's all good.

That's pretty much it. I have a really huge rant, but cannot post it in this blog. So if you have Livejournal and want to know about my huge rant and vent and how pissed off I am about something, then you will just have to add me as a friend to see that. My name over there is jadeblue9.

OHHH!! I forgot about one last Christmas present that everyone enjoyed. She was born to my husband's cousin on Dec. 21st. That is the best Chrsitmas gift we all got!


  1. theotherbear said...
    That is a good haul.
    That Chick Over There said...
    Everything is really nice, especially the baby. :)

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