Monday, May 6, 2013

Special Olympics revisited

So, even though A doesn't have any physical problems, and no mental ones that cause extensive problems, we decided to allow him to participate in the Special Olympics. He started in Pre-K, but they didn't compete in any sports. They just had crafts for kids who were younger. This year, however, he did get to do a few sports. He came home sporting 3 ribbons. 2 for being in First Place and 1 for being in Second Place. I admit, I was very happy and even got misty-eyed. I'm glad I remembered that he would be pitted against kids of his own group, and not against kids who were in a wheelchair. I really did not want my child, who can run and jump and play, to have an advantage over a child who cannot do that. I almost didn't sign him up last year, but my stepson from my first marriage was in the Special Olympics and I remembered how they always set up each child with their group based on what they could do, they always made it fair.

I don't know how long he will be signed up. I imagine he'll stop being able to participate when he no longer has an IEP, or any "issues" that make him eligible. That could be in the next few years. But, I'll make sure he has fun, and remembers that everyone deserves to be treated nicely and with compassion, not matter what. That's all I want for both of my sons and I'm hoping they will do just that when they get older.

Here are A's ribbons.
1st in long jump
1st in 50 Meter Dash
2nd in Softball Throw


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