Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hope Speaks

I know that I've already posted this on my Facebook, but I couldn't help but post it here as well.

I'm not a jewlery type of person, I'll even only occassionally wear my wedding rings. I used to wear earrings all the time, but haven't done that in...well...I can't even remember the last time I did. So there's that.

Also, I'm not one for wearing "causes" items either. I own a little pink ribbon button in memory of my Aunt Deidee. That's pretty much it. I still haven't found a Prematurity Awareness necklace or anything else that I like.

But this necklace. Oohh this necklace, I would wear till the end of time. I would wear it until it broke, and then I'd fix it again. It speaks volumes to me. Which is exactly what it's supposed to do. Especially when you or a loved one is dealing with Apraxia of Speech. It is simple, which is something I like. It makes my heart ache, it makes me sad, it makes me happy and hopeful. It makes me more mindful that there are a lot more people out there dealing with A LOT worse. It makes me feel lost and found all at once. It makes me wish I could give one to every single Mother who has a child with Apraxia.

It makes me cry. Seriously. Tears of fear, sadness, loss, joy, hope and love.

The greatest of all that is Love.


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