Thursday, April 19, 2012


Hi. My name is Robyn and I'm addicted to tattoos. It's true. I have quite a few tattoo sessions in mind and I love browsing tattoo pictures and ideas. I take the tattoos I see online and try to make them for me. I don't want one that looks just like someone else's. That kind of hard to do at times. I found a really great Tattoo place that's about 30 minutes away and I have used them now for my last two tattoos.

I have a couple new fascinations. I recently saw a girl with a tattoo on the top of her wrist, it seriously looked like a bracelet. I want one. I don't like girly things. I like flowers ok, but it has to be done simply and neatly. I have a tattoo in mind that will probably cost a couple hundred dollars at the least. I want a humming bird (my favorite bird) hovering around a geranium (my grandpa had a flower nursery that I grew up in and it was his favorite flower). It will be my memorial tattoo for him. I also still want my children's names somewhere on me and I want a white tattoo.

I'm running out of places to put them. I might do a tattoo on my upper part of my legs or along the calf muscle, I will not have one on my lower back, for obvious reasons, and my upper arms are ok and my upper back is ok and my chest is ok too.

So I think I'll do the one with my boys' names next, then the bracelet tattoo, then the humming bird one, then the white one.

My poor husband. He must think I'm loony. But then again, when he met me, I had my tongue pierced so he should have gotten a little clue that I liked to go outside the "norm" sometimes!

This is the bracelet style tattoo I would like to get, not this design exactly, but something suited for me.
These are the awesome white tattoos. I can't help but wonder what it would look like on my skin tone though!


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