Sunday, March 18, 2012

Back to Bloggin!

I haven't been blogging very much in the last couple of months because J has been home, and we rarely get any time together, so we've been spending our days cleaning house together or going shopping and our nights watching TV or movies. It was very relaxing and refreshing. But, I am glad he is back to work. He's been working the majority of his life, so he had no idea what it was like to have an extended vacation and he's really happy to be going back to work as well.

Waiting for a response from the Disability people. Once I've been denied and I get the letter, I'll be heading up to the lawyer's office and handing everything over I have. The attorney I will be seeing has now been spoken highly of by a few different people, so I'm glad we made the choice to go with her. It should be an interesting time!

The boys are doing well in school, having ups and downs like all kids should. It is now as hot during the day as it is in the summer and it's not even spring yet. I can handle that, if it means skipping all the bad tornado producing spring weather. We've had a couple of Thunderstorms, but I've kept my cool, mainly because they did not produce the extremely bad weather.

J's work will be taking all of his vacation days, a whole 2 weeks worth, because he hasn't been at work. He won't even be getting paid for it. I think that policy sucks. He's been there almost 4 years and they take it away because he's been out 2 months. Really??! So it looks like we are home bound this summer.  Kind of a bummer, since we haven't been up to Ohio in going on two years now. Maybe next year, though! That is, if I don't decide to do Disney World or something like that! I think the boys are now at a good age to remember and have fun.

That's it from here..bedtime!


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