Monday, January 16, 2012

Christmas 2012

So you may be wondering why I am putting up a post about this coming Christmas. I have a good explanation for that and it''s that I don't know!

J and I decided that since the kids are getting older and can now start forming memories and really getting into the spirit of Christmas, that we are going to start putting more than just the tree up. Also, they can help put up the decorations!

We love going to thrift stores. It's amazing all the things that people throw out that is cute or reminds J of things he had growing up. I like to get the boys their play clothes there as well. Also, the one thrift store here gives back to the community by helping pay rent or utility bills. So if you buy stuff or donate stuff to be sold, it goes back to the community and I like that. So we shop there often and it's the first place (besides holding back some clothes for friends) we donate to.

So we've found a few Christmas whatnot's there. Also, we went to Walmart and got 20 boxes of Christmas lights for 62 cents a piece. J wants to put them out on his pine trees and I want some on the porch next year. The boys will love helping out with that! Also, I'm a freak about cute name tags and Christmas bows being on every gift, so I got 100 gift tags and 45 bows for 75 cents each. Also, we got these wall clings that are ornaments and they are pretty big, so that will be cute and we also got a wooden mitten that has little wooden blocks that has you count down the days until Christmas.

We had so much more to put away this year, and we keep adding to it. What is wrong with us?!

Next Christmas should be interesting and a lot more colorful!


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