Sunday, January 22, 2012

Adventures in Sushi

My husband refuses to eat anything raw. As in, not ever going to try it, don't even ask.

So, on Fridays, we normally go to town and do all of our grocery shopping and enjoy lunch. Kidless. For the first like...ever. least almost 7 years anyhow. It feels good to go out as just a couple and spend some Mom and Dad time together. We very very..well..never..get that!

The one restaurant we go to has sushi, and I, like my husband, refuse to eat anything raw at all. But I found a good compromise in this sushi. I found a few things that weren't raw or uncooked..whichever you like to say. And guess what? I really liked it! I know I've had something with crab, tuna and something else, not sure. But it was all good and it's my favorite restaurant to eat at now! So, seeing as how I told J that it wasn't raw, and it was actually very good, he tried it. Here's how it went down:

Me: Put some soy sauce on it, it's even better like that.
J: Ok.
J then proceeds to put the first piece of sushi in his mouth. Stops, looks at me, and spits it all back up in a napkin. Keepin' it classy, I tell ya!

Me: What in the world??!
J: I hate it, it tastes horrible. If I wanted something that bad, I should have just asked for something that tasted like ass when we first sat down.
At this point, I am laughing so hard my stomach is hurting.
J: It tastes like it was preserved from the 70's and it's bringing back the funk. And not in a good way.

I love my husband.


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