Friday, December 16, 2011

Friends..or Not?

I'm kind of in a funk. I've been friends with this person a very long time. We used to talk every single day anywhere from 10 minutes to hours on end. Always cracking up on Facebook, always commenting or liking each others posts. But this past year, something has changed and I don't know what. She hasn't commented on ANYTHING of mine except my birthday this past October. We don't talk on the phone anymore and she doesn't like anything I put up. I don't expect to be the center of some one's world and I don't expect someone to comment on every single thing I put up, but damn, at least acknowledge something sometimes! Even when I comment on a post of her, she doesn't even acknowledge that I put something there, doesn't try to start a conversation about what I put. When others comment on the same thing, she engages in conversation with them, while I am just left off to the side or something. She doesn't comment when my kids have been sick, or new pictures of them, she didn't comment when my Dad was in the hospital a couple weeks ago, possibly facing open heart I comment on almost all of her posts and pictures of her kids, or at least hit that like button.

I'm trying to figure out a not so passive agressive way of finding out what the heck is up and what exactly happened and telling her if she doesn't want to be my friend anymore, then please hit that de-friend button and let's move on. I can't quite shake the feeling that there is something wrong. Everytime I post, or everytime I need some sort of support or "I hope everything will be ok" sort of thing, I always end up disappointed when she never says those sort of things I need to hear. I guess it wouldn't bother me as much if I, also, ignored her. But, I don't. I always try and be supportive or tell her that things will get better.

So I guess I don't know what I'm going to do. Leaving it like it is, can't be good, because I feel like crap when she doesn't respond to something that requires a best friend response. I feel like crap when she carries on a conversation with someone else while I'm sitting in the wing, waiting for her to acknowledge me like I'm some sort of street dog waiting for some attention. It's normally not like me to whine like this, and I normally do not get my feelings hurt so easily. Normally, I'd tell that person exactly how I felt, give them a chance to explain and then we'd either resolve our issues or we'd move on and I wouldn't think twice about it.

Why can't I do that now??

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  1. Carrie said...
    From personal experience, you are right: It's not good to let it fester.

    I would e-mail her and say something along the lines of "hey, is everything okay? we haven't talked much lately." and leave it at that.

    :( Sucks.

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