Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Dumbs

Here lately it seems as if my brain no longer functions. My lack of concentration and focus has become even bewildering to me. I was helping my hubby hold something, it wasn't even heavy, a piece of bed sheet or something, and I just looked at it and let go. He was all like "What in the world is wrong with you??" and all I did was say.."I have no idea" and decided to sit there and cackle and laugh at nothing.


I've always been kinda spacey. I'll start one train of thought..and then something in that train of thought will make me think of something else and then I'll talk about that something else and then have to be reminded to go back to the original train of thought. I swear at times I think I have Adult ADHD.

As I am typing this, it is now Sunday night and I started the first part of this blog on Friday night. Yeah....anyhow...

I'm trying so hard to get my sleep back on track again. I've been having a long term bout of insomnia. A 6 year struggle to be exact. Sometimes, I can be ok and go to sleep at nice, normal hours and that will work for a month or so. Then? It's right back to where I started. I'm blaming all of this on S's NICU stay. I used to call the hospital every hour, day and night. And then he came home and we all know what sleep is like with a newborn. That's right. NON-EXISTENT! Add on top of that, he came home on oxygen and an apnea monitor that went off every chance it got. The doctors can tell from the readouts if it was a real apnea spell or a false one. Even so, the thing sounded like a fire alarm sitting right up against your ear. Not pleasant and not fun when you are cooking and just getting a hot pan out of the oven!

And after that paragraph I went on a picture hunt on Flickr for Pit Bull pictures. Damn, I hate when I can't focus.

Anywho...If things don't straighten up soon on the sleeping end, I'm going to have a sleep study done. I guess just to be on the safe side of things. Until then, I might try some kind of viatamin or just live with it. Either one works for me. I think.


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