Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Where to begin

Been a while since I've posted. Lots has gone on, to say the least.

About 3 weeks ago, my left foot started swelling, and hurting a lot. I ignored it for a week, and then decided to go the doctor and get it looked at. I thought he would say to keep it propped up and it will be ok. But then my leg started swelling with it and the doc and I got concerned. He sent me off for blood work and a xray and an ultrasound to rule out blood clots. Everything came back normal. But, since he couldn't figure out why it was doing this, he sent met to a Orthopaedic specialist. So now I'm waiting for an MRI appointment and word on what in the WORLD is going on with my foot. It's very very painful, is all I have to say. I wanted to do my MRI at this place that has an open MRI, because I'm very scared of tight places like, but have come to find out that they do not do MRI's of the leg and feet. Bummer. But,I found out that the place I will be going to won't have to put me in the tube, just my foot and leg..so I can live with that!

My sister in law will be having surgery this Thursday. She's 30 and it's her first ever surgery and she is nervous. I told her that it's ok to be nervous and scared, and that I've had TONS of surgeries and I still get nervous and scared. I'll be helping her out when I can in the next couple of weeks.

Josh is having problems with his shoulder, and we found out that he has a bone spur near his rotary cuff in his shoulder and when he goes to move it, it causes him pain. So the doc gave him a cortisone shot (which I about passed out and vomited from just being in the room while they did it and I didn't even watch!) If this doesn't help, he goes in for and MRI to see what's up and how it can be fixed.

S and A will be out of school for the summer in just 17 short days. I'm happy and stressed out about this because I can't always do these fun things with them if I'm in total pain with my foot. I'm going to try and make it fun for them though!

A is in speech therapy at Head Start and when that is done for the summer, he'll be going to the hospital 2 times a week. We are very happy about this, so he does not miss out on any help he needs during the summer, while waiting for school to start back up.

I'm going to have a first grader. S will be in first grade next school year! Seriously..that happened a lot quicker than I imagined it would. I just hope he does just as great in First Grade as he did in Kindy.

My Aunt is now on Hospice care. After fighting breast cancer, ovarian cancer, they found out last week that it has spread to her brain and she is now off chemo and is only doing radiation to help with any pain. This is extremely sad because she is one of those ones who didn't do anything to deserve this. She's not a smoker, a drinker, or a drug user. She's worked a great job and has taken care of my Grandmother for quite some time now. I'm sad for our whole family right now and don't really have much to say on the subject, I guess.

That's all I got for now. I should be asleep, but since my foot and leg hurt so much, it's very hard to sleep. My whole leg keeps wanting to cramp. Grr!


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