Saturday, May 8, 2010

Just because...

I'm in a lousy mood tonight. After reading a few things that got my blood boiling, I just have to say this. It will probably never be read by the person I'm writing this to, but I hope to feel better after I spew some hate out of my soul.

YOU WILL have to go before GOD* and tell him exactly what you have done. You are nothing but a christian of convenience. Your past will catch up to you one day, and you will regret every single thing you did to your family. Lies are spread easily by the Liars. The lies you have told has trickled down to the most innocent, the ones that don't deserve it. You know I'm talking about the children. Children are GOD's masterpiece and creation, and HE doesn't take lightly to those who harm them, physically and emotionally. Also? Karma has already kicked you in the ass a few times, but I'm waiting for the ultimate. I really want a front row view for that. Oh..and could you come closer to this microwave..I'd like to show you something..............

*For the record..I'm not a churchy/religious person, I do believe there is a GOD but I don't believe he's the only thing out there working on miracles and good and bad things that happen. Don't bother bashing me, I'll just delete it.


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