Saturday, May 29, 2010

Great Times!

Tonight was lots of fun for us! I hardly ever get out of the house, seeing as I have two kids and nowhere to go really, but even just going over to my sister in laws house tonight was great!

We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and had mac and cheese and cole slaw and of course all the fixing for the hot dogs and hamburgers. Steph and I laughed a lot tonight and my soul feels better. I guess her sharing her Smirnoff Cranberry and Lime drinks helped a little too! I hardly ever drink, maybe twice a year and only when J is with me. He was my DD. I normally let him drink when we do, but he let me and I am thankful for that! After the 2nd one, I actually enjoyed watching my kids run around like wild animals and destroy and maim things and get all dirty. I don't mind if they do, but when they are in the house acting like wild animals it tends to grate on my nerves a little. I am so very very glad we went over to her place!

We didn't get home until 10:30pm or so, and even though it's only a 3 minute car ride from her place to ours, S was asking if we were there yet and can he go to bed! A was even worn out, and they went to bed without any protesting. I'm glad my little men had fun! They should sleep very well and hard tonight!

All that is missing now, is a nice hot shower and bedtime! I have no doubts that I'll sleep very well too!

I'm also thinking of all our Military Men out there fighting for us right now! I have a lot of family members who are and were in the Military and I am very very thankful for them! So for all our Military Men out there; past, present and future..THANK YOU FOR THE JOB YOU DO!!


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