Monday, May 24, 2010

I contacted my late husband's niece on FaceBook a few short day ago. I plan on sending some stuff up for them to look over and have forever. Tim rarely sent pictures up there and I found a few and I'm also sending them the Funeral Book from his funeral. These things are better up there with his family, now down here with my family. I will always remember Tim and he did have a hand in making me who I am today, but it's his family that is missing him the most and could use some pictures to see him smile and to help heal their hearts.

Onto other stuff. S graduated Pre-K and it was oh so cute! They did a couple songs and then they got their little certificates and went outside to play. It was finally time to go home, and the teachers cried over every student that was leaving. His one teacher told me to make sure that I brought him back to say Hi every once in a while and I agreed to.

This summer is going to be busy for me. I'm going to try to get A off the sippy cup and potty trained and S needs help in holding a penicl right, so we will work on that and learning how to spell his name. Should be interesting!

Here is the little certificate he got, passing him onto Kindergarten,not that you really need it, but it's cute to have! I was so proud of him, I hope he does well in school!

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