Friday, April 30, 2010

I can't express how into NOT having a child I was in my younger years. I even married a man who couldn't have children. I worked at a daycare, my life was complete. It's so funny, or ironic, I should say, how life changes when you meet someone you really love. Someone your heart really falls hard for. Your whole existence changes. Your morals and values and dreams become different.

My kids have been getting on my nerves a lot here lately. It's not them really. I'm trying to heal, I get frustrated because I'm still hurting a little and can't do everything I want all by myself. Their bickering, back talking and screeching have reached a high level. S hasn't been to school almost all week (he went on Monday) and it really shows. School is VERY good for that boy! A has expressed interest in the potty, so for that I am very thankful for. He has yet to actually USE the potty, but it's a start. When here a few weeks ago, he would scream if you sat him on the potty!

I still wouldn't trade them for anything. Not even for that former me that didn't want kids, who really had no responsibilities.

I guess I'll be thinking of how I got here from there for the rest of my life.


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