Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Favorite Things

So I stumbled across this blog. It's a photography blog and it is wonderful! Check them out! Lots of great pictures and people! For now, I'm going to do their theme of the week of My Favorite Things.

Of course my favorite things right off the bat are my kids. I love my boys so so much!

This is A, and I had finally caught him breaking in his first tooth! He was so little here! So awesome!

And here is S..He looks so young here too! I love his eyes in this picture. I can always tell how he is feeling by the color and the look of his eyes.
My other favorite thing is my husband. Of course! He really is a wonderful father and I love when he interacts with our boys. He means the world to them and them to him. It's a wonderful relationship really ;o)

This is Meeko. He's one of my favorite animals. He's a cool, calm and very friendly cat. He's very patient and pretty much gets along with any other animal. This is his "I don't need you to take pictures to validate how awesome I am" pose.
This is Leroy. We rescued him from the local pound. He's one of those "he's so ugly he's cute" dogs that I just couldn't say no to. He was so little, they had him in with the cats and kittens. Just a poor little puppy that needed a home. He's a good dog, too. You don't want to see him with a shaved haircut though. He looks like a cross between a possum and a rat. Quite disturbing. Almost nightmare inducing!
My other favorite thing is swimming! I love going to our local lake and watching the kids play in the water, getting a nice tan and having a cookout with the family. Cheeseburgers on the grill is the best thing ever! This is Carter's Lake and it's a massive lake! It is so pretty, I love the different views that it offers, depending on where you are at.

That wraps up my post about my Favorite Things. I'm sure there are lots more things that are my favorite, but that is all the my poor, tired mind could think of for tonight!

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  1. Tatter Scoops said...
    Your son is so handsome, love his big beautiful eyes! :) Great shots of your favorite things.

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