Sunday, May 31, 2009


So, that's not really a word up there in my title line..but good enough.

So we de-hickified our little front porch. Poor little porch. When we moved, the fridge was in this place, but we had a much better one, so we put the old one out on the porch with the intent of taking it to the dump or pawning it off on someone. We just never got around to it because I had my surgery and that took a lot out of me and out of J, so it sat there. Then we had to clean out our car so the new owner could take it. We got a big box and threw everything from the car in it. Then we put it on the front porch. Also, when the boys are really dirty, I strip them down to their undies, and sometimes forget to bring in the clothes. So yeah...we really hicked it up. Finally, we got out there on Friday and got rid of the fridge and the big box o' trash and I finally had a nice little porch again! I hung up flower baskets and now it's starting to look nice again. The only bad thing is that we have an oil patch where it leaked out of the box o' trash onto the porch and it's probably not going anywhere. Ugh. Oh well.

J also purged our walk in closet of junk. Now we actually have a floor in there. Who would have thought?? An actual floor!

Next summer is revision of the back deck to make it bigger and the addition of places to actually sit down at. Not to mention I plan on planting more flowers and having baskets and maybe some widow boxes for the front of the house. Ahh..the possibilities.

I'm not much for the great outdoors (unless there's a swimming pool or a beach near) but I will do my best to make things look a little pretty. :o)


  1. Jen said...
    Sounds great! A good way to get rid of oil spots on concrete is to take dishwasher detergent and scrub it with a brush, then rinse it off. It worked on our driveway. You might want to give it a try. You have been working hard. Where are the pictures ;)
    Robyn said...
    Jen..but our porch is all wood, and I've already tried everything I can think of and none of it has worked :o( Grrr@oil!

    My camera is dead. I have no idea where the battery charger is and I keep forgetting to get batteries for it!
    Jen said...
    Well, with wood, I'm not so sure. Did you try googling it? Or, better yet, just get a big welcome mat. LOL
    Jen said...
    Okay,I just googled it. I'm not sure it would work, but it says to use kitty litter, cornmeal, or cornstarch and let it sit on the stain for a long time to draw up the oil. It says to then sweep that off. Then it says to try and scrub with a soft brush and liquid detergent. I'm not sure if it would work or not.

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