Thursday, April 16, 2009

Not Talked About

I haven't talked much about my gallbladder surgery. Let me put it bluntly.

It hurt like someone was stabbing me with hot knives for over a week. It hurt when I breathed, when I talked, when I moved my eyeballs. Whoever said that this surgery was easy, is either

A: Super crazy
B: Likes pain
C: Had better drugs than I did
D: Has a very high pain tolerance

I told J that I would much rather go through a whole pregnancy and 3rd c-section than ever ever feel that pain again. It took them some time to get enough morphine in me for me to just get up and put my pants on to go home!

I went back for post op on Wednesday. My bigger incision has been giving me problems and it feels like there is a golf ball in there. Doc felt and said there was no hernia, and gave me a few more pain pills and call him next week if it doesn't go away. I asked him if my gallbladder was the problem and he said OH YES. He said it had been going for a while it looked like and I told him that 7 months after A was born, I started feeling like I had and that A was now 2 and he said he could believe it. They labeled me as having "acute cholecystitis".

I couldn't believe that after all this time, all the doctors in Alabama and in Georgia couldn't figure out it was my gallbladder even though EVERY SYMPTOM I HAD SCREAMED "GALLBLADDER PROBLEM HERE!!!!" I'm just glad it's over and done with and I'm finally feeling great. I don't wake up sick to my stomach and stay that way, I can actually eat a good meal and not get full after two bites and I'm completely pain free. I am so so happy with this long awaited outcome!


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