Thursday, February 5, 2009

Yet Another Doctor Visit

So my doc appointment yesterday yielded no results. ALL of my blood tests are normal. I'm so confused and getting no help from this doctor. He wants me to start my BCP on Sunday and said that it will make me have a period for sure and that he'll see me in a month. Also, I went to the ER on Monday. They gave me a Lortab and a shot and told me it was a cyst (with no other testing besides urine) and told me to go home and follow up with the doc. Gyno doc said that if it is cysts, that the BCP will help that and may make the pain go away.

I also called the surgeon. If it's my gallbladder, they want that test done, I think it's a hydascope? If it's a gyno problem, then they cannot help me, he doesn't do gyno problems. I don't think it's my gallbladder, it's been tested (but not the hydascope way) and it's all shown to be normal. And why would I have gallbladder problems way down in my lower right side pelvic region??

So my GYNO doc didn't say what else to do about the surgeon, said my ultrasound was normal, besides the PCOS and that was pretty much it.

So I'm back to square one. With no options besides seeking another GYNO and talking to my regular doc and being in total pain 24/7. I also tried to tell the gyno doc that BCP make me bleed ALL the time. No matter what type of pill, it's always made me do nothing but bleed 24/7 for a month or more.

I can't handle the thought of taking BCP until I hit menopause and I can't stand that I'm in pain all the time. Sometimes it's not too bad, but there and other days, I want to lay in a dark hole and cry. On those days, the pain is HUGE and worse than both c-sections combined.

I really think I'm being judged for being on Prozac. I feel totally like my gyno is blowing me off (even tho he should know about all that stuff cuz he's an OB too) and I had to go to a different ER this time around too. The ER that's only 15 minutes away left me alone for 6 hours. No one checked on me or anything and they knew I was taking Prozac too.

I'm starting to think that maybe it's all in my head. That maybe I'm just making up this pain. That's the way the doctors seem to be treating it. J wants me to go get a 2nd opinion and go see our regular doc for sure. He has never seen me like this and wants to really get to the bottom of it. It really sucks.

It's affecting my life! I can't hardly stand more than 10 minutes to do dishes, our sex life it totally out the door because it hurts. I can't romp and play with the kids because when they jump on me it hurts. I get up, make them breakfast and lunch and sit at the table with them (as always) but it's such basic care that I think I'm being a bad mom by not playing with them like I used to! J does housework and works 3rd shift. I help fold laundry and things like that as long as I can sit, but I feel so bad. I'm not being the wife and mother that I'm used to being. A's 2nd birthday is less than a month away and I haven't even made any plans for it! Normally, I make plans 2 months ahead of time.

I'm so irritated and lost and confused. I've never felt so stressed about my own health before.


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