Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tomorrow is the day

Tomorrow is the day that I get my appointment with the weenie cam, or dildo cam, or the cheap thrill. Whatever you want to call it. I'm 3 days out from the last Provera pill and no aunty flow. Doc said to give it 5-7 days at the least for it to work, if not, call him. But I will see him tomorrow also. I've been in pretty constant pain since Friday. This is the worst it's been, ever, and very constant. So tomorrow I go in to check how thick the lining of my uterus is. Hopefully everything will be fine there as well.

Tomorrow is also a big day for my friend and her hubby. They have a level 2 ultrasound to check on a few things and hopefully the baby decides to not be shy and bares all for them. I also hope everything is ok with their little much loved and adored already miracle baby! I'm sure it will be though! She'd better update as soon as she can *side glances at Carrie* Yeah. You! Anyhow.....

Regrading the inauguration. I didn't get to watch it because my wonderful hubby let me sleep in. So I recapped it all on the interweb. I know I'm probably going to get slammed for this but oh well.

Michelle Obama's dress color reminded me of the color of my cat's hacked up hairball. I am for sure, that this stylish lady could have picked a better color to suit her. I have seen her in better clothes and colors! She looked like she was wearing a living room drape. I know, I KNOW, today was not about fashion or who was wearing what, but a day marked forever in the history books. But geeshh, give a girl a break for looking at the clothes. Besides, I looked at pictures before I looked on YouTube for the speeches and swearing in, so it was the first thing I saw. I know everyone is saying how nice it looked and yadda yadda, but this is my blog and I get to say what I want. So umm..neener neener! Always good to take the mature way out of things! Ha!

Anyhow, I'm looking forward to what the next 4 years brings. Hopefully more soldiers will be home with their loved ones, and the economy starts making some progress upwards. That would be nice. We shall see! That's it from here, it's cold and I'm going to bed!


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