Saturday, January 24, 2009


I'm still feeling quite crappy. Still in a lot of pain and today is day 6 of being off Provera (not that I'm counting or anything...yeah..right..). I've taken what I can, but the pain does not go away. I wish, for once, I could go to the doctor and they could say..OH..there's the cause of your pain, we'll take care of it!'s gone. But the reality is, every doc I go to, every test I have, reveals nothing wrong. There's nothing there. I can take pain, people, I've had TWO c-sections, one I was cut hip to hip from and the other, I had a horrible spinal headache for 4 days straight. I didn't even get to take care of my brand new baby for 4 days! So I can takes me some pain. I've had a bad back for going on 9 years now..again..pain I've learned to live with. But this pain? It sucks. Massive monkey balls. Or baboon ass, we all know how nasty those are.

So I'm afraid to spend much money to go to another doctor to tell me there's nothing there. Money wasted. We are saving for a house, and I would just feel horrid if I was using it for nothing. Which has been the trend so far.

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  1. Kyra said...
    Robyn, saving for a house or not, I would go see another doctor. Your health (and state of mind) is far more important.

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