Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sicky Boys

All of my men seem to be sick. J has been sick for over a week with a head and chest cold. S started snotting up and running a slight fever. His snot is clear, so it's all good for now. He's in good spirits and is eating a drinking ok. A started today with a stuffed up nose, which I assume will start to run tomorrow. He's still running around and playing. I'd rather have them both sick at the same time then one after another.

But they are so very sweet when they are little sickys. Don't ya think?

Lashes a woman would die for!


  1. IME said...
    Awww, poor babies. I hope everyone feels better soon. Why is it that the boys always get those killer lashes?? :)
    ~Denise~ said...
    Hoping everyone is feeling better soon!
    Jen said...
    I'm sorry about the boys. I hope they feel better soon. And you are right they are as adorable as ever.
    Teena in Toronto said...
    I hope they get better soon.

    Happy blogoversary!

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