Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Just another day

In paradise! Here's why:

  1. J's 31st birthday was old man at 31!
  2. I found out one of my best friends is pregnant after years of trying and finding out they had infertility problems. They have gone thru so much (meds, IUI's,Different medical procedures, some holistic stuff, and finally IVF) and I am definately sending out sticky baby vibes to them! I am so so happy for them!!
  3. We get to go outside a lot more now that it's getting cooler. Less bugs, less heat and more things to explore! It really wears my kiddos out and they sleep so well after a few hours outside!
  4. Aunt S. kicked out her boyfriend. He was a total loser and mooched off of her and everyone else he came in contact with. Not to mention he's a horrible liar. Argh..made me so mad. But I'm glad she did the right thing and can finally be happy.
That's about it from's going to get cold tonight, so we've got a good fire going, the animals are fed and currently sleeping and the boys are dressed warm and in bed. Time to go relax!


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    Aw - that's me! Thanks!
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