Friday, September 19, 2008

Tree Cuttin' Time, Ya'll!

Now, I'm not a religious person. I believe there is a God and guardian angels, but I also believe that he's not the only "force" (if you will) working out there. Well today, someone saw fit to send us a guardian angel (thanks for the help, grandpa!) and of course, I'm forever grateful. It all happened like this...
So my dear husband thought that cutting down a tree in the yard would be nice. To let some more sun in the yard and make it all nice and green soon. Brighten it up, if you will. Now my husband has PLENTY of tree felling experience. No problems there. He is very careful and experienced at everything he does. The problem arose today, when the wind picked up all the sudden, making it much more difficult to cut, and he was almost done, so it's not like he could have stopped.

I decided to take the kids up on the porch, just to get out of the way in case anything did happen, when all along, my mommy instinct was telling me to just take them inside (I'll never ignore my mommy instinct again). S really wanted to see a the "big tree go boom", so that's why I stayed out there. I was holding A, and holding S's hand. All the sudden I hear Aunt Steph's boyfriend yelling, "It's rolling, move move move!!". All I had time to do was turn around, drop A from my hip to in front of my stomach, and sling S against the door, pushing them both into the door. I heard a big whoosh, felt the air off the falling tree and then silence. I turned around to see the top of the tree mere INCHES from where the kids and I were standing. Everyone was yelling to see if we were alright, and I answered that we were, and everyone else was too. J had been on the side of the tree where it started to fall, and somehow managed to get away from it before it fell on him.

There was a casualty though. S and A's playground equipment got shattered. We are going to try and salvage the majority of it, but for the most part, it's pretty smashed up. J was very upset that he had wrecked their playground, and he also came to realize that he had bent Steph's blade on her saw. He was almost in tears, and it was so sweet and so sad at the same time. We, of course, are planning on fixing Steph's saw, and everyone reassured him that things were indeed, fixable and we are just glad everyone is OK.

Of course, I took pictures after the fact. The kids were chewing on a snack (INSIDE) and I took a few so I could get back in with them. I walked into the house afterwords to get them that snack and I was shaking and almost in tears myself. Too much adrenaline and too much happened at once, and it was so quick. I also scratched S's head a little, but it's just a little scratch on the surface of his skin, so it won't scar or anything, and I felt bad about that. But not too bad, because it could have been a whole lot worse.

So, here are the pictures, and make sure to note that even if you don't believe in religion or god or whoever you want, there are STILL forces out there working to protect you when you most need it. I like to think my Grandpa had a BIG hand in protecting us today!

This is the view from the front door,where we were standing, that big green bushy thing is not a hedge, it's the top of the tree!

A view of the shattered playground



The whole view:


  1. Carrie said...
    eek! man - i bet you were all friggin' terrified! way to block your babies though!

    yes, always listen to your instincts, even if you are told you are being silly.
    Jen said...
    I'm so glad everyone is safe.

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