Sunday, August 3, 2008

Nanny 911?

When this show first came out, I thought for sure I would need one of these ladies. The kids on these shows are..I are horrid little monsters! I'm afraid I would lose my patience and spank them until my hand hurts! But, that would be wrong and pretty much boardering on child abuse. I can honestly say that I spank S maybe 4 times in a whole week. Anyhow, back to where I was..After watching the shows and seeing child after child and how horrible they are, I'm glad to say my kids really aren't like that. S has a hard time listening, but he's loving and wants to very much help. He's mean to his brother, but also cuddly to him. Giving him kisses on his own accord, sharing his blanket and often times drinks from beloved sippy cup (yuck!). A is all that encompasses the word "toddler". Oy. He does not listen, and even tho I don't spank him, my redirecting him often does not work, even after multiple removals from the area. What can I say, my bad back can only take so much of lugging around a 29lb 17 month old kid! I would have no idea how to react if my kids acted the way some of those kids do on that show. I would have to hand them over to J for sure! Or call Nanny 911. All in all, my kids aren't that bad. Sure, they have their moments that make me want to remove my head from my neck or shoot myself in the foot, but they are great kids. So, reguardless of what some people think, I think I'm doing a pretty good job!

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  1. Lisa said...
    If it makes you feel any better, after spending a llloooonnnnggggg weekend with Sarah at the beach, she told me I needed to call SuperNanny!!!!!!

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