Sunday, July 27, 2008

Look, A Post!

Not much going on around here. S is still potty trained with VERY minimal accidents. J did something a little stupid, but now that I've seen him do it, it's kinda funny too. J took S outside to "pee on a rock". Yup, you heard right. S now asks to "pee on a rock" when he has to go potty. But it's all good, he has not forgotten how to go on a regular potty either. We are in a pretty secluded area too, so for now, we'll let him.

We got the boys a new pool today. One of the old school kinds. The plastic ones that when you fill with water, the sides raise, thus setting itself up. They got to swim in it today, and absolutely loved it. It was only half full, the sides are still falling in a little, but tomorrow we will fill it the rest of the way. It's gonna be 93 here, so I think I might take a dip in there myself.

It never fails, I always leave the last channel on that the kids watch for their bedtime TV. It is always Noggin. The bad thing is? I watch it! I will sit there and watch Oswald and Wow, Wow, Wubbzy before I decide to turn it! What the heck is up with that??

I'm going to work more on S's and A's baby books. I need to add some pictures, and jot some things down before I forget them. Which tends to happen A LOT with me. Off for now!


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