Friday, May 2, 2008

Meet Mr. Knot

A is a climber. Oh my bob in the morning!! S wasn't much of a climber until he got really really good at it, so we went thru much of his babyhood virtually bruise free. A keeps me on my toes. The child will find an opportunity to climb, and BOOM, he's gone. He can scale Mt. Tabletop in 2 seconds flat. I kid you not. I've had to start stacking the kitchen table chairs in the corner, on top of each other, you know, one facing down on the other kinda thing. Well, one day, I forgot to put S's chair up after he ate, and A climbed up it, and toppled it over. On his head. Instant goose-egg. Instant bruise. So J got to him before I did, and scooped him up, got an ice pack and proceeded to watch him while I grabbed the phone and called my mom on what I should do, and freak out and cry. I didn't cry or freak out in front of A and S though, I went in another room for that. But I knew what I should have done, I didn't need anyone to reassure me or tell me what I already knew. I think I just wanted someone to freak out to. So we watched him for a few hours, he didn't display any weird or concerning signs and I stayed awake practically the whole night, checking on him. Oy. I think we're going to be in the E.R. with these two alot, especially A. I've never broken a bone or needed stitches, so I'm hoping I'll be ok with these future trips to the E.R. I'm gearing myself up now for them. that someone can call Child Protective Services on me, I'm gonna be brave and show some pictures of my poor little A. After a quick call to the doc, who basically told me the same thing I knew and my mom knew, I was ok, and so is A. So because of his wild ways, and all the bumps and bruises he's gotten in his short little life, we've decided to lovingly nickname him "Knot". So, he's my little Knot. And I love my little Knot!
This is Knot, right after it happened, and a side view to show how pronounced it was (that's potato in his hair):And this is Knot today, just a couple days out from the original injury. I think it's healing very well, and he looks none the worse for the wear!

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  1. Kellie said...
    Awww....poor little man. It looks like it's healing great and he has an awesome bruise to show off to all his playmates!

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