Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hurt Ankle

I hurt my ankle a few weeks ago. It's not a big suprise. I always always hurt my right ankle. It happened in the 9th grade, all those years ago, playing basketball. Went for a layup..and BOOM..some chick..can't even remember her name..stepped right on my ankle on the way down. I had never been hurt before. No broken bones, no stitches, no sprains. Not bad for as old as I was. That sprain was horrible. Oh my bob in the morning!! I thought I was dying..I was on the verge of throwing up, watched it swell and swell, couldn't walk or anything. My dad had to come get me and took me to the doctor immediately. They said..just a sprain. I injured that ankle over and over again. I really don't think it was "just a sprain". Anyhow..I fell off our back stairs not too long ago. I landed on my feet, but it jarred it, and it hurt. Of course, I waited a couple days to go to the doctor until I couldn't stand the pain anymore. I mean, c'mon, I've had two c-sections, I can handle some pain! It was just sprained. I did everything right, took the meds they gave me, but I don't think it's just sprained. It still hurts alot, especially if I'm on it all the time, like I normally am. It hurts and it's a very very noticable hurt. But, I cancelled my insurance, because we are leaving for Georgia soon. I'm an idiot. I'll keep it wrapped and iced and blah blah blah blah blah. Get it looked at in Georgia. My BIL's wife's brother is a doctor, I'm sure he'll see me, insurance or not.

I am so so tired..and I'm gonna go watch Jon and Kate plus 8! Oh..and let my muscle relaxor kick in. Fun times!

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  1. Jen said...
    I'm sorry Robyn. I'm sure it makes it hard to chase after two little boys. I hope they can do something to help you.

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