Tuesday, January 8, 2008

This Dog

We got Leroy in 2005, after finding him with the cats and kittens at our local shelter. We were first on the list to adopt him in 5 days. I was happy with the way he acted when we took him out, he showed no mean qualities. He was such a cute little puppy. I was also pregnant with S. when we got him.

We've always showed him love and affection, played with him and we let him get away with anything, even after the 2 boys were born. We continued like always. Leroy loves to play, so not playing with him isn't an option. Once he brings that ball to you, you are sucked into his game for a good hour. The kids love it, Leroy loves it and we make it a family game.

But now, I have no idea what happened to the nice dog that he once was. He bit S. today. Right on S's eye. Drew blood and all and there will probably be a significant bruise. I was raised that if an animal ever bit you or your child, it was shot immediately. No questions. No why's. There is no room for a biting animal near kids. I told my husband he has 3 options.

A. Shoot him
B. Give him to his sister
C. Make him a permanent outside dog

So Leroy will probably go to J's sister. If he hasn't straightened up by March, then he goes. If J can't bear to part with Leroy, he'll become an outside dog. For now, he'll go outside all day with a few breaks to come in and eat and drink and then it's back outside until the kids are in bed. I just can't trust him anymore. Leroy knows this too. I haven't petted or loved on him since he did it. My love for my children outweigh my love for an animal. There's not even a question as to who comes first.

I know..I know..the animal lovers out there are screaming "Well why did Leroy bite S. He must have had a reason to."

Let me say again. ANY DOG that bites a child, provoked or not, has no room in my house. That being said, S did nothing. He fell about a foot and a half from where Leroy was eating, and Leroy lunged after him and bit his face. He's never bit anyone while he was eating, I can put my whole hand in there and he'll never bite. I have no idea why he did it. But again, trust has been severed and there are consequences to every action, even in the animal world.


  1. Carrie said...
    You know, while I obviously don't agree with him biting Samuel, that reaction could mean he's not feeling well or something. Has he been acting differently since?
    Robyn said...
    Nope..his nose is wet and cold, he's just as playful as ever to josh and i...I have no idea what his problem is. We are keeping him, for now. But if he does it again, he's gone.

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