Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rush Rush Rush

For me, when we have to go somewhere and be there at a certain time, I rush. I run around, throw clothes at my sons and tell them to HURRY UP AND GET DRESSED, while running off to get myself ready.  I have no clue why I am like that. And I do all this an hour or more before we are supposed to be somewhere! I'm psycho!! It makes me nervous and edgy and mean and bitchy when we are running late. At times, it even makes me physically sick to my stomach! If we are 2-5 or more minutes late..I feel like I could eat the heads off of people! I always try and be 15-20 minutes early to every appointment.

I really have no clue why I am like this. Sometimes, it makes it hard to relax because all I can think about is that it's time to make dinner, time for the kids to take a shower, time to go to bed, get them ready for school, time to do homework, to study for spelling test and to help with A with his sight words.

This is our morning schedule:

5-5:30am: I'm usually up and getting some coffee going or getting some breakfast ready.
6am-Wake up A and he's ready to eat, and while he is eating, I get both of the boys' clothes ready.
6-6:15am- A eats, I wake S up and he may or may not eat since they do both get breakfast at school too.
6:15-6:20am-Bathroom, brush teeth, comb hair.
6:20-6:25am-Both boys get dressed and I help put on their shoes.
6:27-6:35am- A's bus arrives, and we are always outside waiting unless it's raining. S takes this time to watch some cartoons.
6:45am-Drive S down to his bus stop and wait with him until it arrives around 6:55-6:57am. I never know when the bus is really going to get there, it can vary from day to day, but we are at least down at the bus stop by 6:42am, sometimes 6:45am. We had problems last year with missing the bus because they could never decide if they wanted to be 15 minutes early or 15 minutes late. It ticked a lot of people off.

Then I usually come back home, clean the kitchen if I hadn't the night before and do some online time. J arrives home, and I usually make some breakfast for us. He relaxes, watches some TV and then is eventually in bed around 10 or 11am. Then I am completely by myself and sometimes the laundry needs done, or the house needs a little cleaning up, but for the most part, things are already done and I just kind of relax, watch some TV myself, and sometimes I take a little nap.

Maybe my need for schedules and being on time is due to S's birth. Nothing like being on some one else's schedule with lots of rules that are heavily enforced! Then, only to bring the baby home, and still be on that schedule.

Or maybe I'm just weird and too hyper sensitive about it.


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