Saturday, June 9, 2012

Not feelin' it...

I wasn't up to taking pictures today. I stayed up way too late, and slept in way too long. I hate when I do that because it always makes me feel super tired and my body hurts when I do actually get up.

We had a quiet afternoon and evening. Went out for pizza and took the kids to the park and then we stopped by my sister in law's house.

Speaking of houses, I think we've made a decision on what we are going to do if I get my disability. One thing for sure is to have a storm shelter built. There's a local company that can build them celler like, or into the side of a hill. We will probably be adding onto our current place, so as soon as that is settled, we can see where to put a storm celler. I want one near, so we can get there quickly if we need to!

That's it for now, off to look at plans on expanding houses and such!


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