Thursday, May 20, 2010

You're so vain..

If you are expecting to get on my blog and see stuff written about you. Please go read somewhere else. I assure you and your narcissistic personality (which by the way, I looked up the symptoms of having a narcissistic personality, and you FIT ALL 10 symptoms completely! Not shocked about that, though)will be more than crushed to learn that this will be the last time you are mentioned on this blog. I assure you. The pansy little email you sent me? Doesn't even deserve a reply back. All I saw in that was a bunch of whining and that really gets on my nerves. Sounded something a 6 year old would write. "It's all about me me me..and you did this..and you did that.." It's enough to make me want to poke out my eyes and leave bloody holes in their wake. I'm sure your legions of friends will swamp over here, and defend you and then proceed to return to FaceBook to jibber jabber aimlessly about the injustice of it all. Call me every name under the book. But if I could, please, request to be called one name, please let it be Bitch. I love that name and covet that title. I can't help thinking that one conversation lead between two friends who CARED, has now become a horse and pony show and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUR FRIENDS KNOW. You complain that I only know one side of it. I'm betting that the scores of friends you have told only know one side of it as well.

Would you like to be the Pot..or the Kettle?

To blame someone on how your life turned out is nothing but pure bullshit. I had a horrible childhood. I was abused. Mentally, physically and emotionally for 16 years. When I moved out of that hell, I made a promise to myself that my life is what I was going to make it and no one else had any say over it. No one should listen to the opinions of others and take it to heart, lest to life either!! That's why it's called an opinion for Christ's sake! It gives you something to think about, not to store in your soul, let it beat you down, tear you up, make you think you are no good. That's why EVERYONE has an opinion.

I think you just needed something to talk about. Someone to blame. For what, I have no idea.

If you think, for one second, that what we said wasn't out of friendship, love and worry, then you are more deluded than I thought. Also..I understand your husband was upset..and of course wanted to defend, but using curse words really shows a lot of immaturity. I would be down right embarassed if my husband EVER EVER EVER used those words at my friend or even a friend who was about to take the status of "former friend".

/End Rant.


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