Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cancer Strikes Again

After losing my grandpa to cancer almost 2 years ago, I cannot believe I'm back in this type of situation again. My Aunt (dad's side) has breast cancer. She takes care of my grandmother who is very ill with a tumor on her brain that is inoperable. My grandmother also takes things very very hard. My other Aunt and her husband are paramedics and will be on hand when my Aunt has to tell her that she has breast cancer because she will not take it very well at all. My Aunt won't know the stage she's in until Monday or Tuesday.

This one particular Aunt and I have never been really close. I was actually afraid of her as a child, and thought she really hated me. I stopped talking to my dad in 1993 or 1994 and didn't start talking to him again until 2003. That also included the rest of my dad's side of the family.

But when S was threatening to be born,my Aunt came to the hospital with my grandma and gave me snacks, things to do and good conversation for a while. When S was born, they came that day again, and as J took my grandma to see her great grandson, my Aunt stayed and talked to me for a while again. I've never seen this side of my Aunt, so I was a little..ummm..stand-offish. I wasn't mean or rude, just guarded. She proved to be the best Aunt out there in the following months when S was in the NICU. She gave us money for gas and food, gifts and when my baby shower rolled around, she had S's name engraved on these little trinket boxes that hold baby's first curl and tooth. Out of everything I got that day, that really touched me the most.

I'm really hoping everything will be ok. I hope she fights this cancer beast and wins. I hope she gets to be labeled as a survivor for years and years to come.


  1. ~Denise~ said...
    I hope she beats this too. My thoughts are with her.
    Jen said...
    I'm so sorry. Cancer runs rampant in my family too. I wish her best and hope she's able to beat it.

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