Friday, September 19, 2008


I haven't blogged much about Meeko. We got Meeko in Oct 2007. Just a scrappy little kitten at J's Aunt's house. It was my birthday, and he was a present. I had watched him and his siblings run around all night, thinking how I would love to have another cat in the house, but didn't think J would go for it. J's aunt was having a halloween party that night, so I got to see how the kittens reacted to kids holding them, smothering them, and picking them up by different body parts. He was the only one who didn't seem to care. He didn't go all skitish when people walked or ran by, didn't seem frightened by noises. Just had a really laid backed attitude. So on our way home, J said goodbye to his aunt, and handed me that kitten. I was so excited. He immediately went back to S and curled up on S for the rest of the way home. S would tickle his ears and when Meeko twitched them in response, it sent S into a fit of giggles. Awesome!

He's pretty tolerant of the kids, he only gets mad when they really hurt him and trust me, they really hurt him sometimes. No matter how many times I've taught them to pet nice. A likes to grab Meeko and bury his face in his stomach. Meeko puts up with it. He does love to cuddle, and many times, when A was sick, he's cuddled with A. That still goes on today. He's a good cat. He recently got outside for a few days, and has his battle wounds, including a hurt paw. I'll keep a check on it the next few days and if it doesn't get better, he'll go to the vet. Meanwhile, no outside play for him. So here are a few pictures of Meeko. We got his name from a cat name site that a friend linked me to. Meeko just sort of fit. Although, I do have to admit, he is definately more J's cat than mine. As you will see in these pictures (he's always in J's arms). But that's ok, he still loves on me too!


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